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Business Sold: A Buyer’s Success Story

There was a business for sale in Houston’s Northwest area, and I’ll never forget this wonderful buyer we had recently, named Osvaldo Behr, and his wife Laura. Del Lingco worked through helping the Behr’s obtain this particular business for sale. After some hard work and professional negotiations, Osvaldo and Laura became the new proud owners of Lone Star Breakfast & Grill! We were fortunate to witness the moment when they realized …


Top 3 Business Broker Recommendations

Using a professional business broker to buy or sell a business is a vital and necessary attribute towards your desired outcome. Because there is a lot of work involved in both buying or selling a business, the aid of a professional can help you ensure that every ‘i’ is dotted, and every ‘t’ is crossed. Moreover, business owners may not be fully aware of certain legalities, or have time to consider them, when it comes down to buying or selling; therefore, we’ve constructed three top tips that a business broker would recommend:


How Brokers Help You Sell Your Business

Are you looking to sell your business? If so, you’re not alone. Every year there are over four million businesses sold in the U.S. Most of the businesses are small to medium level businesses. And unfortunately, some are sold well below their value, while others are sold to buyers who are unable to fit into the company culture, which leads to loss of business. …

When to Add a Personal Guarantor to a Small Business Loan Application

Whenever I explain the SBA and small business loan application process, I like to remind listeners that: (a) every small business loan application is evaluated according to five basic criteria, and (b) each loan application exhibits strengths and weaknesses which must be evaluated in the underwriting and loan approval process. The five criteria being evaluated include:  
(1) Personal investment by the loan applicant compared to the amount of debt being requested,
(2) Cash flow and repayment ability of the applicant for the proposed loan amount,
(3) Business ownership and management credentials of the applicant,
(4) Credit history of the applicant with other lenders, and
(5) Collateral offered for the loan in case of inability to continue making payments on the loan.
A good reason for a small business owner to think he can find a compatible lender would be if all five criteria have strong characteristics which can be documented by the lender.  


5 Major Considerations Before Selling Your Business

Running a business can be a welcome challenge and a great source of income; however, when you’re ready to sell your business, it can be a completely different story. Due to various reasons, it can be difficult for many business owners to maintain longevity and pass their companies on to the next generations. Therefore, it’s more common to sell your business, than to keep it going.

Basic Financial Projections Required for an SBA Loan. By: Bruce Hurta

Basic Financial Projections Required for an SBA Loan

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Whether a business is approaching an SBA government-guaranteed lender for a startup business loan, or whether the business is already established and operating, most SBA lenders want to see basic income and expense projections from the business applying for the loan.

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