Buying a Business from Three Profitable Industries

Buying a business, or starting a small business, with robust growth potential remains a goal for many people. Being your own boss offers a sense of freedom that cannot be found elsewhere. However, before buying a business, you need to understand which of today’s small business industries are the most profitable and popular; as well as, which should currently be avoided for now. The following information is designed to provide further insight, which may help determine how you should proceed with your investment. In today’s online world of marketing, there are 3 small business industries that are leading the way in profitablity and popularity…

Mobile Businesses

When looking at a small business for sale, consider a mobile business, or one that allows you to travel or deliver directly to your customers. Life is busy for many people, and a product or service that comes to them is highly valued. Today’s most popular mobile businesses include auto repair services, pet grooming services, and grocery or food delivery, among many others. The options are truly endless for buying a business in this industry; moreover, mobile businesses don’t require a brick-and-mortar location, just a vehicle. This allows you as the business owner to keep more of the profits.

Accounting Services

Accountants remain in high demand, as they provide a wide range of services. Consider offering bookkeeping or payroll services to other small businesses, or provide tax prep. With so many options available, you can choose to specialize or offer a vast array of vital services, depending on personal preferences. This consistently popular industry offers a profit margin of more than 18 percent.

Online Education

People love to learn new things, and everyone has a skill they can market. When an entrepreneur finds a way to connect with those who wish to learn a skill that can be taught, that entrepreneur becomes successful in a short period of time. It’s a matter of finding the right platform for the course, and developing the materials. Once you do this, there is no limit to how many people can take advantage of the course, and no money being invested for each unit sold. The key to being successful lies in consistently marketing to your target audience to attract new students.

Del Lingco International Can Help

These are only three of many highly profitable and popular industries that you, as a buyer and investor, can research. Should you require additional help in determining which business is best for you, turn to Del Lingco International. As a seasoned business brokerage firm serving Houston for over 50 years, we’ve continued to help business owners and investors work through buying a business that’s the right fit, including valuing an established business to ensure the asking price is fair. Connect with us today for assistance by calling 713-783-5800.

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