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Manufacturer of fabricated automatic gates. Also, ornamental iron gates, access gates, repairs and wood fences.  Most work is repeat customers and word of mouth.  Very little advertising.  Cost of goods (steel and wood) is approximately 50% of sales.  The labor is contract and in the cost of goods sold.  Del Lingco sold another unrelated business for this Seller in 2004.  He proposes to lease the real estate to the new owner for $600 per month or the business can be moved.  A low overhead profitable business.  Priced to sell fast. No occupancy expense is deducted.

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This is a Manufacturer and Installation Company of Exterior Wall Panels for Construction or Retrofit Projects of some of the most recognizable structures. They specialize in Corporate Identity. Strictly business to business. They perform any custom façade system including car dealerships, schools and universities, office buildings and corporate headquarters, hospitals, condominiums, parking garages, etc. They primarily serve the Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma areas. The company Manufactures or Fabricates Aluminum Composite Materials. Based in the greater Houston area, approximately 80% of the installation is in Texas. No license is required in Texas! REAL ESTATE IS INCLUDED IN THE SALES PRICE! The total land area is 7.004 acres. The company has a freestanding building on the property consisting of 4,000 square feet of office space and 20,000 square feet of clear span manufacturing space for a total of 24,000 square feet of building space. The Appraisal District lists the appraised value of the real estate including the structure at approximately $2,120,000. Many trucks and trailers are included! See package for details. THERE ARE 3 COMPANIES INCLUDED IN THE SALES PRICE! The Manufacturing Company, The Installation Company and The Real Estate is held in a 3rd Entity.

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