Location: Clear Lake


Well-known and highly respected CrossFit gym in it’s community.  Fully staffed with eight energetic and motivating coaches who have been with the company for the last 5+ years.

Current Owner/Coach is only working PT, maybe 20-25 hours per week.  15-hours are spent coaching and any additional time is spent on admin, marketing, and/or scheduling.   If the new owner acts as a full time owner-operator he/she could see an immediate profit increase.

Very spacious, fully equipped, and located in a great area allowing the convenience of utilizing outdoor space!  This gym offers many opportunities readily available for exploring future expansion and growth possibilities.  81 active memberships.

If there was ever a “best time” to take ownership of a fitness work-out facility, it’s right now!  Perfect time to transition into ownership considering this is the slowest time of year, but that doesn’t last long with New Year’s Resolutions coming soon!    HURRY!  Now is your chance to take advantage of the most profitable time of the year!

Listing #: 2466


Start the year off making money with this swimming pool repair company which recently added pool maintenance in 2017. This business has been a solid performer for years and still has a lot of room to grow. In addition, the seller also has a database included in the sale of between 700 and 1000 potential customers. Highly regarded services providing everything from installation and repairs, to regular maintenance and cleaning. Most repair equipment includes filters, motors, pumps, heaters, etc. Work is done all over the greater Houston area. The city is divided between the 3 techs so they don’t duplicate their driving time. This is a great opportunity to own and operate this highly regarded business or as an expansion to your existing business!

Listing #: 2324


This is Landscape Maintenance company serving south of Loop 610 down to Galveston. The company is based near Clear Lake. There is a large fenced yard and a 1200 square foot freestanding building for the office. Plants and flowers are also grown on the premise. There are approximately 450 active accounts comprising 90 commercial accounts and 360 residential accounts. Sales for 2009 are listed above. Year 2010 had sales of $1,102,379, a large increase. In fact, sales for the 1st quarter of 2010 were $276,410 and sales for the 1st quarter for 2011 were $341,073. As you can see, sales continue to increase. There are 6 trucks and 6 crews including 4 maintenance crews and 2 Landscape crews. Construction of pavers, etc. are contracted out. The owner is tired and wants to sell this growing, profitable business. He proposes to lease the land and building for $2,500 per month NNN or will consider selling the real estate. The profit listed below has been subtracted by $2500 in proposed rent.

Listing #: 2099

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