Selling Your Business Works Best When It Looks GOOD

If you’re selling your business, like most business owners, you want the property to sell quickly and for as much as possible. This is partially controlled by the economy, the business broker’s experience, and the profitability of the business. However, more than most people may think, a lot is also surprisingly determined by the “look’ of the business. Things to consider are: outside features and curb appeal, building maintenance and upkeep, cleanliness, organization, and odors. There is more buyer interest when you’ve taken the time to prepare the building for the sale. Below are a few tips for increasing property appeal when selling your business.

Inspect the Outside

All buyers and investors will see the exterior first. Make sure the lights are working, cobwebs and other debris are removed, and the landscape is well-maintained. Have the exterior areas power-washed if the parking lot has grease spots, or if the building looks a bit shabby. Ultimately, you want curb appeal in order to attract customers.

Eliminate the Extras

De-clutter the entire building. Shred unneeded files, recycle unused electronics, and dispose of broken furniture. Eliminating clutter makes rooms look bigger, instantly cleaner, and more organized.

Sanitize It Up

Spend extra time cleaning (or hire a cleaning service) to make all bathrooms and any kitchen or break areas spotless. These are prime areas for bacteria and odor buildup, and buyers prefer them to sparkle.

Spread Some Paint PLUS

Add a fresh coat of paint where necessary. Repair or replace any bad ceiling tiles, damaged flooring, or missing trim. Now is the time to handle all or any previously ignored maintenance tasks.

Keep it Fresh

Be attentive to odors, keeping the building fresh and pleasant smelling. Cleaning will remove many smells, but new ones can emerge. Use a small air purifier in entrances and deodorizers in break rooms where lunch smells can linger. If possible, open the windows for an hour or two prior to any showings to freshen the air.

Set the Stage

Hire a professional to stage the building when you have a business for sale. They can assist with making the property look more appealing and professional even if the building is in use. Allow them to add artwork, set up comfortable reception areas, or do whatever they feel will provide a more immediate visual impact. Be mindful of not making additional messes while selling your business. Hire a cleaning staff to keep everything dust-free, emptying wastebaskets, and keeping floors spotless. Professional photos will be taken when the property is looking its best.

Need help selling your business? Our professional brokers of Del Lingco International have decades of experience doing just that! We help ensure that your business looks GOOD and appealing to prospective buyers by providing tips and insight on keeping your property in pristine condition whether there’s a showing or not! Contact us today at 713-783-5800.

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