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Most business owners and entrepreneurs know that when it eventually comes to letting go of that business, they’ll need the professional assistance of a business broker at some point or another. Fortunately, we at Del Lingco International have been established since 1958, and have a team of brokers who can consistently say- “We Love What We Do”We feel as if being a broker and helping you sell your business is one of the most rewarding professions to have.

Business brokerage gives us an opportunity to meet wonderful business owners, learn about many different business markets, as well as industries, and all that they entail.  Through the processes of helping you buy or sell a business, we have the privilege of serving you better by becoming more educated, and gaining more knowledge with each business sold. We also understand how businesses operate, what makes them profitable for sale, who their customer base primarily consists of, the negatives and positives of each process, and all of its true value.  Selling businesses is very exciting, although, challenging at times; yet, we’re able to help you overcome these obstacles with patience, experience, passion, and a love for business.

Business brokers help entrepreneurs rise to the top by making their dreams become a reality; we take extreme pleasure in seeing you sell your business, and/or expand a business venture to reach its full potential.  As an entrepreneur, your work incredibly hard and put in more hours than the average; moreover, you step out of your comfort zone and take risks in order to grow business into the thriving establishment you’ve always dreamed of.  Then, when it’s time to sell, it can be bitter-sweet because of all of the blood, sweat, and tears put into it. Del Lingco business brokers take tremendous pride in guiding business owners in successfully selling a business.  We have a great deal of respect for you; so when you’re ready to hire us, you can rest assured that Del Lingco realizes that your company is more than just a business, it’s your baby.

When it comes to seeking out help, brokers are definitely worth their hire. The idea of trying to sell your business can be very overwhelming; however, with our help, you will learn the true value of the business, have all paperwork and legalities prepared, have marketing and buyer negotiations handled, and much more. We take time to assist you with getting questions and concerns addressed through the entire selling process. Our team at Del Lingco is experienced in working through every detail with you to ensure that your business sells at the right price. We have the contacts, knowledge, and professional expertise necessary to help you accomplish your goals.

When you’re ready to fulfill the dream of retirement, we are with you every step of the way, treating you and your “baby” with the utmost TLC.  Helping you sell your business is ultimately gratifying for us, and it feels unbelievably good to be a part of making your dream come true!

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