Business Sold: A Buyer’s Success Story

There was a business for sale in Houston’s Northwest area, and I’ll never forget this wonderful buyer we had recently, named Osvaldo Behr, and his wife Laura. Del Lingco worked through helping the Behr’s obtain this particular business for sale. After some hard work and professional negotiations, Osvaldo and Laura became the new proud owners of Lone Star Breakfast & Grill! We were fortunate to witness the moment when they realized they were writing their very first LLC check! With “Kool-Aid” smiles from ear to ear, the excitement filled the room, and they were just absolutely adorable and happy about their dream coming to pass.  Even the business brokers present that day were overwhelmed with joy.

Mr. Behr- Owner of Lone Star Breakfast & Grill …

“Keep it Simple, Keep it Fresh” and because of that we are growing everyday more and more.  We’re making Homemade Style plates as much as possible. Just as an example; we are making our own Burger Patties, Chorizo that we use for the tacos, Biscuits, BBQ Sauce, Alfajores, and Pasta Frola (both Argentinean traditional sweets), Empanadas. We have been also adding some other options for our customers such as fish.  We also launched a couple weeks ago our Signature Personal Pizzas. In a very short time we will be adding the Blue Bell Milkshakes, a new Ribeye Signature Sandwich, and if we see that our customers will accept it we will also add some Homemade Pasta (Italian Style) the family recipes that our Moms used to prepare for us at home.”

It’s the little moments like these that always affirm our strong passion for what we do. The joy of helping entrepreneurs invest in a business for sale is what drives us to help them accomplish their goals. We truly believe that there isn’t any other profession we’d prefer over being Houston business brokers!  Del Lingco Business Brokers find 100% satisfaction in helping entrepreneurs reach the level of success they’ve dreamed of since they were kids.  There is nothing more rewarding than this!

Here at Del Lingco International, we have a passion for helping business owners post their business for sale; as well as for helping those, like the Behr’s, who want to buy a business. For nearly 60 years, we have been honored to be able to share our expertise and team strength in helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams. And on the day that the Behr’s had their moment, I was once again pleasantly reminded of this desire that we all have.

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Osvaldo has always had a passion for cooking, and has been dreaming of owning his own restaurant since he was young boy! After years of hard work and dedication in the oil & gas industry, traveling from country to country, Osvaldo and Laura settled here in Houston. Once they were made aware of a restaurant business for sale, they soon made their ultimate dream come true!  Osvaldo and Laura really are genuinely great people, and the Del Lingco team feels truly blessed to have made such great friends!

While keeping intact those things every customer loves about Lone Star Breakfast & Grill, Osvaldo and Laura continue to add new, exceptionally tasteful plates to the original menu!  The first addition was their famous empanadas … we were lucky to have been there on the first day these tasty delights were offered; and I have to say that, “They really are incredibly good!”   Del Lingco has become a regular at the grill since these empanadas were 1st delivered to our office, and now come probably once a week.  If you’re a fan of empanadas, we suggest trying these!

Busy day at the office? THEY DELIVER! Offering catering for office meetings, special events, and holiday gatherings.

Lone Star Breakfast & Grill
1800 West Sam Houston Parkway N.
Houston, Texas 77043
Catering: 713-932-0883

Del Lingco believes in giving back to the community, and always supports our fellow Houston entrepreneurs.  If ever in the area, we strongly suggest you swinging by to check out Lone Star Breakfast & Grill; you won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading,
Shanna Caravella- Director of Business Development

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