5 Trends Relating to Women Who Buy Businesses

The old saying goes, “it’s a man’s world”; however, sentiments are shifting. Women are coming to the forefront in education, leadership roles, and acquiring business for sale. It’s not even yet, but it’s getting close—and nowhere is it more visible than in these great United States. In recognition of American Business Women’s Day for the month of September, Del Lingco International is providing insight on five current trends that relate to American women selling or buying a business.

#1 Women are Creating Winning Sales Pitches

Female business owners must go up against bigger competitors every day. It used to be difficult in the male-dominated business world, but today’s female-run businesses are receiving more RFPs (requests for proposals). Just a few years ago, a proposal from a woman business broker would have been dismissed out of hand; yet today, the playing field is much more level.

#2 Companies Have an Eye Toward Diversity

More companies, especially the publicly traded ones, are required to give a percentage of contracts to diversity companies. Organizations like Women-Owned Small Business (WOBC), and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), are pushing the trend by offering certifications that give women-owned companies a seat at the bargaining table. While the trend is positive, the truth is that not many companies know about the certification process.

#3 Women are Starting to Embrace Femininity

Where men have, for years, used their gender to push through the pitching process, women have historically been shunned for doing the same thing. Everyone is human, and because of this fact, sexuality will always factor into how a person is perceived. Today’s women are using their intuition and confidence to win battles in the boardroom.

#4 An Increase in Women-Owned Businesses

As of 2015, over 9.4 million businesses are female-owned, employing almost eight million people and generating over a trillion dollars in sales. Women-owned businesses account for 31% of all privately-owned firms, and they contribute 12% of revenue and 14% employment. These numbers will increase as time goes by.

#5 Decision-Makers Recognize the Value of a Woman’s Perspective

In most parts of life, women make decisions on a daily basis, and they have great attention to detail. Women tend to do significant research when buying a business because they make up to 80% of purchase decisions for their businesses and their households. Most women are on social media, which means they influence other women’s decisions. Finally, America is recognizing that; and in order to have a woman’s perspective, it needs to hire companies run by women.

For over 50 years, Del Lingco International has recognized and appreciated the role that female business owners have directly and indirectly played in helping build Houston communities and maintain a healthy economy. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy a business, connect with one of our expert brokers today!

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